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Nov 7, 2016
:iconllistocoge:Llistocoge has changed their username (formerly LavenderHyuuga)
How would you want someone to die?
7 deviants said Death by Dildo(s)
4 deviants said Death by Knife
4 deviants said Other, (Please Comment!!)
3 deviants said Death by Chopsticks
1 deviant said Being Beaten to Death
What kind of story do you enjoy reading?
11 deviants said Fantasy
4 deviants said Horror
3 deviants said Other (Comment)
It's definitely interesting to say the least, but the body is overall in an awkward position and you get the impression both the palms of the demon is facing towards you and that is uncomfortable for anyone. The demon seems to be enjoying the weather, which many people wouldn't believe. The face is a little to much on one side too, but you have the expression of someone that would enjoy this weather down perfectly. Personally I really enjoy this drawing. I has a lot of depth into it. I hope you make more drawings because they really are good. Keep it up ^-^
Death was all around
It haunted everyone in the town
Every hour when the clock chimed
Another body hit the ground
When someone tried to hide
The demon found them in the night
He wore a masks of red
His eyes bore a painful death
Do not try to reach for him
There's nothing to grab
He is you
Looking back 

2:00 a.m. March 17, 2019

    She comes to me in my dreams. She tells me the story of what happened to everyone she knew. She tells me every night. She said that she wouldn’t stop telling me until I spread the word, she wants everyone to know. So i’m up at 2 o’clock in the morning, sharing her story to you. To everybody that will bother to read this.

    Nobody has ever shared what happened to the Village of Parifre. Nobody has ever spoken about it; but his is a tale that has haunted my dreams for the past three years. This gorgeous girl, not even 18 years of age yet, has the most broken eyes. No, i’m not even kidding, literally broken, they look like broken glass. She’s wearing a corset dress that had a hole where heart heart once was.

She said that the demon was from her dreams and she accidently pulled him out of them one night. He gave her a wicked grin when he came out of them. He was a gorgeous as she. He wore a tuxedo that was as bizarre as can be, the colors on it drew the eye of those who saw it. He also beared the name Regan.

Like in her dreams, she gave in to the man. His gold eyes sparkled as he demanded her to court him to the annual dance that was taking place in the village. She agreed, then again, he was like a dazzling dream. Except, the only way to describe his appearance against the beast inside, was almost comparable to something one would call a perfect silhouette.

He was a force not to reckoned with, and nobody did. Once they got there it was late and they were the last ones there; and nobody knew it, but they would be the last one to ever feel the outside air.

The guards had left their post and joined the party.

Regan went to the doors and locked them, no one can get in or out.

Throughout the night, she and Regan had met everyone at the party. Once everyone had looked in his eyes, they seemed to be oblivious to what happened around them. It was like a dreamland. The real dreamland.

He went up to every women he danced with and caressed her face, before sliding his thumbs into her eyes. They…...seemed to enjoy it. Each and every one of them let out a soft pleasurable sigh as they had their eyes gouged out by the man who called himself Regan.

He went up to the men and carved into their chest with his long nails and took their hearts out, placing them in his briefcase.

By time she had snapped out of the spell she was in the middle of the room, surrounded by all the dead bodies. The grandfather clock chimed as midnight came.

Then, Regan stepped in front of her and gouged out one of her eyes, but then, he quickly stuck his hand in her chest, ripping her heart out. Before she died, she could have sworn she seen him take a bite out of it before he got her other eye.

That is her story, the one that she tells me everynight in my dreams. Thank you for reading this. I’m going to try to sleep now.

11:00 a.m. March 17, 2019

I slept last night; I dreamt about good things. She appeared to me once last night, just to tell me that she was coming for you now.

I'm not sure why this came to mind.
Please comment anything, good or bad.
It always really helps!

A long time ago, back on April 1, 1920, there was multiple reports of a creature terrorizing whoever crossed it’s path. A surviving victim had shared her experience with her small community. She said that there's a pattern for when it comes out, by the end of this you'll figure it out. She had watched all five of her friends get taken away from her, she didn't know where they were taken, as she didn’t know what the creature was. She recalled that it had skin as cold as ice, and it’s face was scarred and burned. It had nails so sharp that they could cut whatever it touched. It was estimated to be seven feet tall, and it brought the smell of rotting flesh with it, wherever it went.

It is  April 1, 2020. I was sitting around the campfire with two of my closest friends. They guy next to me, Esther, just got done telling us about that myth. Of course nobody believes it. He swears it true. Just as he mentions that the creature is true, there is a sharp and painful scream coming from the woods. My friend Zara jumps up with her eyes wide, looking as if her eyes were about to pop out. She doesn’t do well with scary things, but Esther just laughs it off. I suggest that we go back into the house, being outside had always given me the chills. On the way in, my body shivered. I have always relied on my gut. It somehow always lead me in the right direction, but me being terrified about being outside any longer, lead me to doing the one thing I regret. Going into that house.

I guess I managed to fall asleep that night, because I woke up to the phone ringing. Which I have to say is really weird. Especially since when I looked down. Like I suspected, the phone wasn’t plugged in. I picked in up to hearing heavy breathing. I creeped me out so up. I went back to my bed and was close to falling asleep when thump. Something bumped on the roof, then something rolled off and I heard the soft sound of something falling onto the ground, then those sounds happened in a series one more time. I got up and walked into the other rooms. My first thoughts I had when sleep cleared my head was, how did I get in here, where were my friends, and what was the thumping on the roof?

The rooms were empty, there was no sign that they had even touched their beds. I thought that maybe I was over-reacting when I saw a slight drop of blood on the covers of Esther’s bed. I picked it up and I couldn’t place the smell for a second. Then, I take a deep breath. The smell was rotting flesh, i’m sure of it.

    I started to panic, thoughts running through my head. I can’t place a certain thought that I have. Then, I hear it. The screen on the window being ripped of, there was a sudden breeze of the cold winds we were having that night. I picked up the trophy that is sitting on the dresser. I suck in my breath and hide behind the door, holding the trophy closely on my chest. I blink, and when I open my eyes. I see it. A face is staring in my face. As scarred as it can be. I can feel the heat coming off the burns on his face like he was still burning, The smell is overwhelming, this is what it was. The creature looked at me and smiled; it’s teeth as rotten as can be, looked as sharp as nails. The creature's breath horribly smelled like blood. I took a deep breath and closes my eyes, nothing happened.

I opened my eyes and it was gone. The only thing signalling its presence it the open window and the faint smell. I slowly walked over and looked out the window. There was blood on the ground, but nothing there. Esther and Zara was never found. I never saw them again.

I closed the notebook that my ancestor wrote about her experience, and looked around at the room of friends that are in the living room with me. My friends looked halfway scared, but they thought of it only as a horror story. I don’t know why were are here, in this house. It’s run down and in the middle of the woods. I didn’t choose to go here, they did. What I know that they don’t, is that this is the house that it happened in. They all go to lay down, and I stare out the window. I started to fall asleep, then I jolted awake. I look out the window to see a tall figure standing there, scars all over its skin and it carries a smell that I could even smell from here. The face is in the top left right corner of the window, looking in. Like it was waiting for something.

     It is March 31, 3020, 11:59 p.m. One more minute until April 1, 3020.

April 1st
I wrote this as a short story for my English class, but I decided to post it here anyway.

Please give your feedback, good or bad. It's always very helpful.


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How would you want someone to die? 

7 deviants said Death by Dildo(s)
4 deviants said Death by Knife
4 deviants said Other, (Please Comment!!)
3 deviants said Death by Chopsticks
1 deviant said Being Beaten to Death


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